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Friday, June 02, 2023



Technology Plan

Rivendell was founded on the promise of delivering a student-centered education, utilizing advanced technology like digital portfolios to move our students forward into the 21st Century. From the day we opened we provided laptops for students to use in the high school classrooms. But while our goals were noble, the initial implementation suffered as our staff struggled to adjust to new students, new facilities, and a new curriculum. Jump ten years ahead and we now see laptops used throughout the district, while we seamlessly blend in even newer technologies like e-readers and tablets.

The difference, aside from time, is the adaptation by teachers of new means in the delivery of instruction. Whether it is a Kindergarten teacher using an electronic whiteboard to engage their students, or a High School PE instructor assessing their class with a remote response system, Rivendell teachers have taken technology to heart. Now, as we ponder our future, one thing is clear, we are no longer taking small steps, but large leaps. We tip our hats to the dedicated professionals within our schools and communities that make that possible. And we promise to continue to provide professional development that further advances the use of all applicable technologies inside the classroom and out.

This plan reflects the changes that have taken place at Rivendell, and the world. We’ve added projectors to every classroom, doubled the number of electronic whiteboards and added a web-based Parent Portal. We’re piloting 1:1 netbooks and e-readers at the same time. We have passed the point where simple integration is sufficient; the time has come to be bolder. We must strengthen the depth of technology in our programs and use it to connect us to the rest of the world. Where it was once enough to merely provide a reasonable number of computers, now we must strive to offer all the opportunities we can for each and every student to connect and work in a digital world. In addition to the standard computer skills we have integrated across the district, we need to drive our students harder in the areas of media literacy and digital citizenship.

Successful creation of a student-centered environment depends on a curriculum, faculty, and student body that drive our technology related decisions. When we involve all the stakeholders in the development of our program we stand the best chance of reaching our goals. And when have established connections to our communities, whether they are local or global, we will achieve our mission.