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Sunday, March 26, 2023



Health Service

Rivendell is concerned with student physical well being. Scientific research indicates a positive relationship between adequate nutrition and physical activity as they relate to academic success. Poor nutrition and lack of physical activity can place students at a higher risk for diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and other health ailments. Federal and state laws mandate that school districts provide students with healthy food choices while in school, whether the students are obtaining food and/or beverages form the Food Service Program, school stores, vending machines or other sources.

Rivendell schools will provide students and families with educational opportunities regarding healthychoices in nutrition. Educational opportunities will include formal academic instruction in health, physical education, family and consumer science and science classes. Other opportunities could include individual counseling by school nursing personnel, dietary direction by athletic coaches and an explanation of food choices provided by the school food service. Acceptable carry-in food for entire classes is addressed under this policy. Food brought from home for individual consumption is excluded from this policy.

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All foods available during the school day will meet or exceed the District's nutrition standards. Such offerings will meet or exceed the regulations and guidance issued by the US Secretary of Agriculture as applicable to schools. Schools in the District will offer food choices that are nutrient dense per calorie, have low fat and low sugar content, are of a moderate portion size, and include a variety of fruits and vegetables. Foods should be served with consideration toward variety, appeal, taste, safety and packaging to ensure that students will participate in consuming high quality meals. Students shall be provided with adequate time to consume meals. During the school day, the Vermont and New Hampshire School
Nutrition Guidelines will apply to the school lunch and breakfast programs, all food and beverages sold in vending machines and school stores. Classroom parties/celebrations, communal snacks, meetings, fundraising activities or any school sponsored activities on school grounds should seek to provide foods with high nutritional value. 

Physical Activity

The purpose of the Rivendell physical activity policy is to promote daily participation in physical activity for all students. The goal is to promote and maintain physical fitness and to provide students with the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to understand the short and long term benefits of physical activity. Physical activities offered may include, but are not limited to, recess periods, physical education classes, walking programs, the integration of physical activities into the academic curriculum and after-school programs, including intramurals and interscholastic athletics and physical activity clubs. Rivendell recognizes that sixty (60) minutes of moderate to vigorous daily exercise is a goal for students.

This goal may be accomplished through a combination of the following:

    • A sequential physical education program;
    • Time in the elementary school day for supervised recess with physical activities encouraged;
    • Opportunities and encouragement for students to initiate and voluntarily participate in beforeand-after-school physical activity or programs, such as intramurals, clubs, etc; and
    • School support for community recreation and youth sports programs and agencies that complement physical activity programs.

Health Service Staff
Rivendell Academy

Westshire Elementary

  • Melissa Storms, School Nurse, Westshire Elementary

Samuel Morey Elementary

  • Melissa Storms, School Nurse, Samuel Morey Elementary

The American Academy of Pediatrics Bright Futures- Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children and Adolescents recommends annual well care visits for all children. 

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