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Sunday, March 26, 2023



District Office

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District Office
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Leslie Berger

Summer and Afterschool Program Director
Phone: (603) 353-2170
Lisa  Burbach

Lisa Burbach

Director of Special Education
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2138
LISA BURBACH joined the Rivendell Special Education Team in 2022. Her personal and professional life has been evenly shared between NH & VT. Lisa's lifelong identity as a “dual-resident” ...

James Bourn

Director of Operations/Athletic Director
Phone: (603) 353 2170 ext:2102

Dawn Dodge

Assistant Business Manager
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2132

Brenda Gray

Executive Assistant/Human Resources Manager
Phone: (603) 353 2170 ext:2136

Lynn Farquharson

Accounting Specialist/HR Assistant
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2128

Steven Hier

Assistant to the Business Manager
Phone: (603) 353-2170

Thomas Marshall

Transportation Director
Phone: (603) 353 4321 ext:1111

Matt Joska

Director of Information Technology
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2118
MATT JOSKA has been in his current position since 2015. He graduated from Keene State College with a BS in Applied Computer Science in 2002 and went on to work for the State of Vermont. He then ...

Nancy Murphy

Business Manager
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2194
NANCY L. MURPHY joined the Rivendell staff in 2007 and has worked for the school district is various capacities since then. In her current position, she assists with the implementation of new ...
Gabi Martino

Gabi Martino

Technology Integration Specialist & Website Maintenance
Phone: (603) 353-2170
GABI MARTINO joined the Rivendell staff in 2001. As the Technology Integration Specialist for the district she supports teaching and learning with technology for all Rivendell. She also is the ...
Angel Parkin

Angel Parkin

Payroll/Systems Specialist
Phone: (603) 353-2170
ANGEL PARKIN, Administrative Assistant: Angel worked at Samuel Morey Elementary for seven years before joining the Academy in 2016. She has been on the Central Vermont Juvenile Justice team and ...

Nick Pryer

Technology Assistant
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2106
Beth  Roy

Beth Roy

Farm to School and Outdoor Education Coordinator
Phone: (802) 333-9755
BETH ROY joined the Rivendell Interstate School District in January of 2022. Beth’s excitement for place-based education started over 20 years ago while working at various nature centers around ...

Barrett Williams

Phone: (603) 353-2170