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Friday, June 02, 2023


School Bus Discipline Procedures

Discipline will be handled according to the following procedures:

  1. For unacceptable behavior in the judgment of the driver, the driver will complete a Bus Conduct Report form, which notifies the site administrator of the problem.
  2. The site administrator will speak to the student(s) and, if appropriate, speak to or send a letter home to the parents. The site administrator will advise the bus contractor of action taken on each conduct report submitted by drivers.
  3. A serious offense, or behavior which creates a safety hazard, may result in a suspension of up to two weeks, at the discretion of the site administrator. The driver may insist on a suspension for a student whose behavior creates a safety hazard.
  4. Unusually serious offenses may result in permanent suspension from the bus. If this action becomes necessary, the site administrator will notify the parents and the Superintendent in writing. The actual suspension will be made by the Superintendent, with the right of appeal to the School Board.
  5. If a student is suspended from the bus as a consequence of a bus conduct report, or of reported poor behavior on the bus, the punishment will take effect the following morning. However, if at the discretion of the school administration the safety of other children is in question, the student may be suspended from the bus immediately. In that case, an attempt will be made to contact parents to make other transportation arrangements for the suspended student. Thereafter, it is the responsibility of the parents to arrange for their student’s transportation to and from school.

Click here to download download our School Bus Transportation Agreement

Click here to download download our School Bus Rider Responsibilities and School Bus Discipline Procedures

School Bus Notification: To promote the wellbeing and safety of students, audio and/or visual recordings of the interior of the bus may occur.