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Friday, June 02, 2023


School Bus Rider Responsibilities

  1. The use of profanity, vulgar, obscene, or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  2. Fighting, shoving, or bullying others on the bus, or while waiting for the bus is prohibited. Please report any incidents immediately.
  3. Throwing anything on the bus is prohibited.
  4. Talking should be carried on in conversational tones.
  5. Smoking, or other use of tobacco, is prohibited on the bus at all times and is a violation of policy.
  6. Students must obey immediately any request or suggestion from the bus driver pertaining to safe pupil transportation.
  7. Defacement or destruction to the bus is prohibited. Any vandalism of the bus or bus seats will be billed to the person responsible for the damage.
  8. Aisles are to be left free of books, lunch boxes, coats, and other objects at all times. Students should sit in their seats, and not put their arms, legs, etc., into the aisles, except when inadequate space makes this impossible.
  9. Students must remain seated until their stop; arms and heads, etc. must be inside the bus at all times.
  10. Students must be ready to board the bus at least five minutes prior to its scheduled stop. Drivers are not to wait for pupils who are late. Pupils should not crowd onto the street or road when waiting for the bus; instead, they should line up and enter the bus in an orderly fashion when it arrives.
  11. Students must board the bus in an orderly and courteous manner, and go immediately to their assigned seat.
  12. Students loading and departing from the bus will do so from the front door of the bus. If the road must be crossed, students will cross at least 10 feet in FRONT of the bus, and use caution, even though the flashing lights are on.
  13. All school rules are in effect on the school bus for transportation to and from school or any school event. Riders and drivers will treat others with courtesy and respect. The bus is an extension of the classroom.
  14. Any student wishing to get off at a spot other than their designated stop, must have a signed note from a parent/guardian, and “sign-off” from the office. The bus will only stop at designated stops.
  15. Drivers have the authority to assign students to specific seats.
  16. No eating or drinking on the bus.

Click here to download download our School Bus Transportation Agreement

Click here to download download our School Bus Rider Responsibilities and School Bus Discipline Procedures

School Bus Notification: To promote the well being and safety of students, audio and/or visual recordings of the interior of the bus may occur.