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Sunday, March 26, 2023




The Rivendell Early Childhood Program was created in 2001 to coordinate a continuum of quality early education services within a school context, promote the joy of learning and engage our families in the education of their children. In response to community needs, the Rivendell School Board decided to open our second site at the Samuel Morey Elementary School in the fall of 2007. It became clear after a few years, due to a growing wait list, that we needed to increase the amount of space once again. We also heard from working families that they needed before and after school care. In response to these community needs, a third classroom was opened in 2013 and before and after school care are now offered at the Westshire site.

Since 2015, due to changes in Vermont state law regarding early education, we no longer charge tuition, and families can have their children enrolled in our preschool program free of charge. (Before and after school care is available for a reasonable cost.) 

Today the Rivendell Early Childhood Program offers an exceptional child centered experience to the youngest sudents in our communities. In this way we are able to foster a love of learning and later school success for every preschool child.