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Friday, June 02, 2023


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Rivendell Academy

Our program for grades 6–12 includes a wide range of electives that support our mission to educate all students. Rivendell is committed to an educational program that develops essential skills in literacy, numeracy, inquiry, and problem solving. One of our most important goals is to cultivate an inclination in our students to question, think critically, and to wonder at the world around them. We designed our curricula to prepare students to identify, analyze and solve complex situations that they may encounter in their adult lives. Our commitment to the success of all of our students can be seen in our instruction, assessment and planning for the future.
Rivendell Academy serves approximately 242 students from Fairlee, Orford, West Fairlee and Vershire as well as students from Corinth, Piermont, Warren, Lyme, Newbury and Bradford. 

Our Academy actively encourages students to explore essential ideas in depth within each discipline; at the end of their successful 10th grade experience, students receive a Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM) – a demonstration that they have mastered nationally recognized benchmarks of standards in given curriculum areas. Primarily in grades 11-12 students are offered a wide variety of electives, while they fulfill remaining distribution requirements; students also often choose independent paths such as directed study, externships, college courses at Dartmouth College or Community College of Vermont (CCV), or participation in affiliated programs at River Bend Career and Technical Center, or Hartford Career and Technical Center. In their last year, students develop and present a Senior Project that involves a combination of active research and fieldwork.



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