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Thursday, December 02, 2021



MMS Parent Portal


Please click here for instructions to set up your MMS Parent Portal.

Rivendell Academy has added a web based Parental Portal that allows parents/guardians access to information regarding their child.  If you decide to use this service, you may access various types of information regarding your child.  Information such as their Attendance, Grades, Scheduling information, etc.

In order for you to access your child's information, you will need to establish a Parent Portal account.   

There is a 'click here' link you will use to setup your account.  Enter your name and child's ID number in the appropriate text boxes.  You must enter this data EXACTLY as documented in the letter that was mailed to you.  If we do not list your name as you would like us to have it, please let us know before you proceed.  You will create only one account using the student ID number.  Once you have created your account, you will be able to add your other children to that account. 

MMS Parent Portal Login

Additional assistance is available by email .  Be sure to include your information and your child’s ID Number.