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Thursday, December 02, 2021


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Summer Program


Our Summer Camp is now full.

There are many local summer camps.



Camp Flyer final

Click here to download the RISD Summer Camp Enrollment Packet

Please read carefully
REQUIREMENTS FOR PROGRAM: Open to children who are currently completing K-6th grade. The Academy is running a program in conjunction for MS/HS students. RISD residents have priority until June 1st. Non-residents may be considered after June 1st depending on enrollment. Resident children are defined as those who live in one of our four towns year-round or during the summer months.


  1. Registration is open immediately and ends when the program has 70 enrolled or June 1st. Forms will be processed in the order they are received. You can drop off summer registration forms with the administrative assistants of your child’s respective school.
    The 2021 summer program will be free to all students and will have transportation available from local pick-up points in Vershire, West Fairlee and along Route 244 and Route 5. Bus schedule will be available after June 1.
  2. Registration Forms must be complete. Incomplete enrollment forms will not be processed and will be returned to parents.

MEALS: Breakfast, lunch, and a healthy morning and afternoon snack will be provided each day. A menu calendar will be provided at the beginning of camp.

SWIMMING LESSONS: Our local pools are not able to provide swimming lessons this summer, but we will have regular field trips to swimming locations.

ACTIVE LEARNERS: You will notice our daily schedule will include an academic block called "Active Learners". During this time, students who have been identified as requiring academic support will receive targeted assistance with licensed teachers in the areas of reading, writing, and math. Students who are not in need of these academic interventions will engage in hands-on, high interest math & literacy activities.

COVID-19: Based on the most recent information from the state, we look forward to returning to some of our "normal" elements, including field trips, inter-mixing students and using "outside" instructors. We are putting out our materials with the best intentions, but please note, due to future state guidance there may be changes. We will communicate clearly and often about any changes to our programing.


  • Sunscreen & hat, sneakers
  • Bathing suit & towel
  • Water bottle
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Reading book
  • Bag lunch (only if your child does not want served lunch). No need for snacks-we will provide a healthy snack.
  • Optional: goggles, PFDs /life jackets for swim trips.
  • Please leave personal toys at home.


  • Based on the most recent information from the state, we are very confident we will be
    able to take kids off campus for weekly field trips.
  • We will be cooling off at local ponds and lakes and explore our local hiking and nature trails.
    Possible field trip locations include local farms, VINS nature center, Nighthawk baseball
    games, Killington Adventure Center, and other nearby locations.


SUMMER THEMES (subject to change)

  • July 5 - 9: All Ball
    Sports enthusiasts will love this week. Led by student choice, campers will play many of their favorite ball sports, like basketball, football, soccer and kickball. They will also try their hand at new ball sports, like bocce, broomball or water polo. But the fun doesn't stop there! During "All Ball", anything ball related goes: try ballroom dancing, make popcorn balls, throw balls at a teacher or juggle. One thing is for sure, campers will have a ball!
  • July 12 -16: RISD Got Talent
    Based off of the popular show "America's Got Talent", this summer theme will allow kids to get creative and have fun! Campers will work together in small groups, identify a common talent, develop a performance plan, work on a polished performance, and then perform their talent at an end of the week show. Talents might include music, dance, magic, comedy, etc.
  • July 19 - 23: Wilderness Survival
    Have you daydreamed of going into the woods and fending for yourself in the wilderness, like Sam from "My Side of Mountain"? Surviving in the wilderness requires a lot of knowledge and a lot of skills. This week campers will begin learning some of the basic skills involved, such as making a fire, building shelter, looking for safe food to eat, tracking animals, fly fishing, archery, collecting the important items that aide survival and learning strategies for staying warm in cold, wet weather. Ultimately, campers will gain a greater appreciation for the power and beauty of Mother Nature.
  • July 26 - 30: Farm to Table
    Campers will have an opportunity to explore Vermont's small-scale farming and local food culture in this hands-on program. Campers will start by planning a lunch or dinner menu. They will visit local farms and pick items needed to make planned meals. They will also develop their own school based garden for this purpose. Working in small groups, they will prepare/cook specific dishes with the goal of preparing a local, well-balanced meal that is both visually appealing and tasty. Campers will gain understanding of how eating locally grown food benefits humans and our earth.
  • August 2 - 6: Maker Space Inventions
    Most inventions try to make difficult tasks easier. The purpose of this week is help kids, discover ways to create simple inventions to solve a variety of challenges. By using wheels, gears, handles, cups, rods and other household items students will try their hand at designing and building simple machines. These machines are a fascinating and fun way to put your creativity to work, as well as your problem-solving, physics and engineering skills.

*The theme descriptions are intended to give you an idea of potential activities for each theme. We will do our best to make these activities happen, but slight changes may occur between now and June. Regardless of what specific activities are offered, our programming will be of high-quality and enriching.

Charlotte Holt at 603-353-2170 ext. 2116 or Charlotte Holt